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How do I specify transient dependency exclusions in Clojure’s deps.edn?

For my last few small/personal projects, I’ve been making use of the newish deps and cli Clojure tooling in conjuction with a few simple bash scripts ofr builds and repl configuration (as opposed to my usual boot or the venerable leiningen).

I’m still shaky on the form of deps.edn, though, and always find myself looking up at least the basic structure. Today, despite the comprehensive documentation, I spent far too long (must have been 10 minutes) figuring out the incantation to include a dependency with some transient dependency exclusions. Which of course turns out to be easy enough.

 {uncomplicate/neanderthal {:mvn/version "0.22.1"
                            :exclusions [org.jcuda/jcuda-natives

So, there it is - for my own future reference, and, maybe, the aid of others.

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