SHR's Occasional Braindump

Crafting Code and Business in a Beautiful Place

I'm a software developer interested in a broad range of web technologies. My main platform since around 2005 has been Ruby and Ruby on Rails, though increasingly I'm drawn more to the functional side, Clojure in particular. I live in Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand, where I run a software development / tech company.

Out of the office I play piano, read, write, cook, and run. The running still astonishes me. I host Chiang Mai's bi-weekly Ruby Lunch (where geeks gather to discuss all manner of code-related things, including, ocassionally, Ruby), and can normally be found at Beercamp every other Wednesday, so long as I'm in town.

If you're a techie passing through Chiang Mai, feel free to get in touch.

You can or message me @shr.